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R5 - 2021/22 Summer Race Series


Round 5 - Sunday 20 March 2022 Pukekohe

Round 5 of the Club’s Summer Series on Sunday 20 March 2022 at Pukekohe is now open for entries.  Click HERE to enter.

The instructions for the on-line entry system can be downloaded by clicking the file below.

The Supplementary Regulations Part Two can be downloaded by clicking the file below.

The DRAFT Run Order can be downloaded by clicking the file below.

Covid-19 Red Traffic Light Setting

This is a My Vaccine Pass event.

As we did at previous events under the old Level 2 restrictions, we have divided the area into four separate Defined Areas.  When you arrive at the venue, security guards will check your My Vaccine Pass first.  Then they will determine which Defined Area you have been assigned to.  They will then ask you to scan the Contact Tracing QR code for that Defined Area.  They will then give you a colour coded wrist band which must be worn throughout the day.  We will send an email to all competitors on Friday 18 March advising which Series have been assigned to which Defined Areas.  Click the link below to download the Covid-19 Venue Plan which contains a diagram of the venue showing the Defined Spaces.

Please note there has been a change to the MotorSport New Zealand Back in Motion Guidelines:

It is compulsory to wear face masks at all times (no scarves, bandannas or buffs), except for when you are competing.


All Documentation will be done on-line.

·        MotorSport NZ Competition Licences:  You do not need to send us a copy of your licence.  We will ask MotorSport to confirm all competition licenses will be valid on the date of the event.

·        Affiliated Car Club Membership:  Please scan or photograph your car club membership card and email it to or text it to 021-889-488.  If you are an Auckland Car Club member you do not need to do this.  We will check our membership system.

If you sent your car club membership card to us for Round 4 at Taupo you do not need to send us another copy.

·        Vehicle Log Book:  Please scan or photograph the front page of your log book and enough other pages to show the last three events in which you have competed and email these to or text them to 021-889-488.  We will advise you if your vehicle will need to be scrutineered.

If you sent your log book pages to us for Round 4 at Taupo and you haven’t had a new entry in your log book since then, you do not need to send us another copy.


The scrutineers garage at the venue will be open from 7:30am on Sunday 20 March.


MyLaps X2 transponders are available for hire for $40.  Please tick the appropriate box when you do your entry.  On Sunday your Series Coordinator will pick up all the transponders so see them to collect your transponder.


Garages and covered spaces will be allocated when Series are assigned to the four Defined Areas.  If your Series has been assigned to a Defined Area for the garages or covered spaces, contact your Series Coordinator to determine where you should go.


Entries in more than one Series may be accepted.  However, you should check the Run Order to make sure the two Series you are thinking of entering are not immediately one after the other in the order.  We are not able to reshuffle the Run Order to accommodate entries in Series that are immediately one after the other in the order.  The entry fee for a dual entry is $50 in addition to the base entry fee.


The DRAFT run order for the day, including the start time, can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  If there are any changes a revised Run Order will be distributed by email on Friday 18 March and will be posted on the Club’s web site.



If you have any problems with the on-line entry system or any other aspects of the event, please don't hesitate to contact the Secretary, Craig Holmes, at or on 021-889-488.