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New online ACC membership renewal system

Dear Members


We have been running a manual membership system now for several years.  While it has been an excellent system and a credit to the programmers who set it up, it is labour intensive and prone to human error.  We have been setting up an online system, which we will initially run in parallel with our existing system while we become more familiar with it. If you are already using the Auckland Car Club online entry system you can log in using the same user name and password at

Otherwise you can register using the same address.  (The "log in” and "Register” buttons are at the top right of the page). 

PLEASE NOTE: when you come to first register, your first and surname must be exactly as your current membership card. The member code is your membership number but it has to be 4 digits – eg if your membership number is 41 then the membership code will be 0041; if your membership number is 125 then the member code will be 0125; if your membership number 1234 then it remains the same.   Under "user name” you can put whatever user name you would like (provided it has not already been taken)

For new membership applications the URL address is

New membership is now on a pro-rata basis so you will pay less as the financial year progress (our financial year ends 31 March). 

For those who are not computer savvy we can do a manual entry but prefer not to. 

If you are having problems please feel free to contact either

Terry Riding (


Craig Holmes (

and we will get you sorted.