Auckland Car Club

ACC Production Race Series


Do you have a ‘track car’, but never actually put it through its paces? Remember you are not required to have a role-cage to race but it is recommended to race with us.

Are you bored of expensive ‘open days’ looking for that next step up?

Well here’s your chance to enter into a proper controlled series that allows you (as a beginner or not so much beginner) to get in amongst people who share similar thoughts and love for cars as you.


Production Race Series Team can help you through each stage including obtaining your Competition License, Vehicle Log Book, and Safety Equipment




  • Engines, Suspension, brakes and aero are all open. • Wheel size is open but must fit under guards • Tyres must be to WOF standard, no full or wet slicks - This means tread across 75% of the tyre. Road legal semi slicks are fine - R888R or AR1 –


  • Vehicles will be split into Groups: A 0-2000cc : B 2001-3500cc : C 3501+cc


  • Break out caps will be enforced to regulate fairness. These break out times are as follows for all cars - Hampton Downs 1:14 & Pukekohe 1:14 - If you exceed these times you will incur a time penalty of 10 seconds per lap


  • A car without a Motorsport New Zealand Role-Cage is able to race with the series but is only eligible for points for the first 3 rounds after these the car will not score anymore points until a Role-Cage is fitted. Schedule B


  • Vehicle must be fitted with Class Windscreen Banner


  • All Drivers must be Production Race Series Members - This is a season cost of $100. First time drivers have one free round before membership is required.


  • You must be a member of a Motorsport New Zealand car club - Any Club is fine but we recommend Auckland Car Club. Your vehicle must comply with Motor Sport New Zealand



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