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Club History

An article, written by Arthur Dexter, founding member of the Auckland Car Club, details the first twenty years of the club. However to become a member it is not necessary to be an outstanding driver, or own a fast car. While the Auckland Car Club does cater for the serious competitor, it also provides for the novice enthusiast. In fact, you don't even have to own a car to join - a general interest in motorsport is the basic criterion for membership.

The Club is affiliated to MotorSport New Zealand, the governing body of four-wheel motorsport in New Zealand. For events where speed is a significant factor, competitors require a Motorsport New Zealand Competition Licence and safety apparel. Cars may need additional safety equipment or be purpose built for certain events. Club Officials are available to guide you.

A programme of competition and fun events are organised all year round. Climate and other circumstances dictate that certain events are more suitable for different seasons. As a Member of Auckland Car Club you will be able to compete at many other club and national events throughout New Zealand.

Apart from competitive involvement, opportunities are available to assist with administration, event organisation and in vital support roles e.g. timekeeping, flag marshalling, vehicle scrutineering etc, etc. With experience behind you, you can qualify for senior official Motorsport New Zealand accreditation. Training seminars are held from time to time.

A monthly news bulletin keeps Members informed on coming events, and includes reports on club activities, motorsport pictures and other items of interest.

Car badges, windscreen decals and jacket or overall patches are available.