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How to go motor racing in New Zealand


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TRIALS: Trialing involves following a set course with a navigator in your car, following a pre-determined route from instructions, adhering to time schedules and 'spotting' check boards or signs along the way. Trialing can be enjoyed by anyone, in any car, as it is not a speed event. We have even occasionally had crews where the kids old enough to read fluently have navigated successfully for Mum or Dad! We try to run at least a couple of these each year.


MOTORKHANAS: An excellent way to start motorsport, a Motorkhana involves driving around various short courses marked by plastic cones. The time is recorded and penalties are added for knocking over the cones or not completing the course correctly. Usually smaller cars do well, but it is more the skill of the drivers car handling that provides the winner. We run several of these each year, drivers do not need helmets, overalls, or special MSNZ licences and Motorkhanas are open to all types of cars.


AUTOCROSSES: These are three laps timed around a short racetrack marked out with cones. Usually held on either grass or gravel, but occasionally on seal, the longest straight is less than 200 metres, and the cars run one at a time. The Driver needs to be a member of a MSNZ affiliated Car Club and have cotton overalls, a helmet which meets the minimum standards, and a fire extinguisher. Newcomers can compete twice before joining a Club. The events are very popular, especially for competitors on a limited budget!


HILL CLIMBS, SPRINTS, ETC: A Hill climb is a Sprint up a hill, usually on gravel or tarmac. These are a popular event, especially with the more novice drivers. Sprints can be straight or bent. A straight sprint is a drag race, but a bent sprint can be either once over a course, or several laps of a track.  These can be run on closed roads or proper race circuits. Cars run either one at a time, or two at a time if the course is suitable (in which case the event is sometimes referred to as a dual sprint or dual bent sprint). They can be on closed public roads, a race track, or a farmers paddock!  The majority  Sprints during the year  are run on a gravel course however some are run on race circuits such as Pukekohe, and Taupo and Hampton Downs will be a popular venue when the track is opened for competition. Sprints have the same safety and licence requirements as an Autocross.


RALLYS AND RALLY SPRINTS: For this level the car must have a roll cage fitted and there is a list of required safety modifications to be carried out. All vehicles are carefully checked for safety prior to an event. A very popular  Rally sprint Series is run in conjunction with five other Car Clubs in the top half of the North Island area.


CIRCUIT RACING: Requires like rallies and rally sprints requires more money and a heavier investment in specialized gear depending at what level you wish to race. You will also require a competition license however the skills you have learned from competing in motorkhanas, sprint meetings and autocross events will make you a better competitor on the circuit. Regardless of what form of motorsport you are interested in, there is bound to be someone in the club that can answer your questions about it.

For more information on Clubsport contact John Riddell: or 09 833 6792