Auckland Car Club

Production Muscle Cars

The Production Muscle Car group is friendly family orientated club based in Auckland, and is home to enthusiasts of production muscle cars, replicas of famous muscle cars and people who restore and actively race them.

Production Muscle Car Club offers a racing class for those that don't want to do any irreversible and costly modifications to their valuable muscle cars but want to drive them how they were made to be driven - hard and fast.

The Club was formed in 1996 and has proven to be a very safe club to run with very few on track incidents in it's 17 year history and welcomes all new cars and competitors.

If you have a muscle car and would like to come racing we can make the whole process easy for you including race licence's, technical information, new driver tuition and any other assistance you may require to make it happen.

Cars must be 6 cylinder and above and must be pre 1986.

To see the rules around eligibility for this series click on the link below